Hei Tiki

The logo features a contemporary interpretation of hei tiki - an iconic symbol used to depict and evoke messages and themes of strength, leadership and pride within our nation.

The ‘kanohi’ represents the evolving face of Aotearoa and is depicted in a modern form to reflect just that while reinforcing the notions of pride and strength. The ‘arero’ is highlighted to symbolise the overarching key messages for the campaign:

Strengthen the status of the Māori language

Strengthen critical awareness of the revitalisation of the Māori language

Strengthen the acquisition of the Māori knowledge

Strengthen people’s determination to use the Māori language

Strengthen the Māori language itself by ensuring it can be used in all circumstances, and the right words and terms are used

Strengthen Māori language revitalisation
The ‘arero’ as a whole is the revitalisation of te reo Māori as a living language and as an ordinary means of communication.